My 2020 Yearly Goals | Goal Setting | Aja Dang financial goals worksheet

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I’m Aja Dang and if you want to be super cute like me this Christmas, go to today to get 20% off your new favorite phone case! Yesterday I showed you my 2020 Financial Goals & Trackers and today I’m revealing my 2020 Yearly Goals and how I use vision board and roadmaps to achieve them.
Even though I spend a lot of time on my channel talking about financial goals, it’s important to remember that there’s life outside of money and to not neglect the rest of your life while you’re planning your 2020 goals.

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Plan with me as I map out what I hope to accomplish personally, financially and professionally next year. I don’t like to call these New Years resolutions because I feel that has a negative connotation to it – so just start setting goals!

I am definitely a believer that all can be accomplished as long as you have intention behind it.

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My 2020 Yearly Goals | Goal Setting | Aja Dang

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My 2020 Yearly Goals | Goal Setting | Aja Dang
financial goals worksheet
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25 thoughts on “My 2020 Yearly Goals | Goal Setting | Aja Dang financial goals worksheet”

  1. Happy New Year Aja!
    For the new year, I have started a fundraiser for a poor rescue dog (Peach) in my foster care. He flew all the way here from China to look for a home but the rescue I originally worked with can't pay his medical bills and as a result the vets have suggested euthanizing him 💔

    Could you please consider sharing my GoFundMe link for his surgeries? He is a shy boy with the sweetest smile just waiting to blossom. He has so much love to give! His story in the link:

    Thank you and happy 2020!

  2. Just a thought here, in case the production process for the planner will turn out to take a long time: you could do printable journal layouts that people can purchase and download 🙂

  3. Love your goals for this year! Especially like the planner (I always loved your sketches for your financial journey and highlighting the boxes 🙂) and the financial event for women. I think that's so important and inspiring and you'd be amazing at it!

  4. When you have a team with you for this series you want to do, don’t forget that you may be able to get FREE OR CHEAP interns who are looking to build their portfolios.

  5. The reason people want your advice, is because you have been so open and vulnerable on your journey. Whereas other people, we just see their success and are told they know what they’re talking about and that’s why we should listen to them. However, with you we saw your entire journey and how it led you to financial success. Even though you’re still figuring things out too, you’re further than a lot of us.

  6. My main goal for this year is to go to therapy, my anxiety has taken over my life for the past year and a half. I want to get a hold of it this year. A more fun goal this year is to learn new skills! I have been trying to learn French for the past 2 years but I have been very inconsistent with it, obviously I don't expect to be completely fluent in a year but hopefully I will be somewhat fluent. So fingers crossed I will be trilingual by the end of the year.

  7. these kind of lifestyle/financial/goal setting vlogs are way more inspirational for cleaning and other to-dos than actually watching the cleaning vlogs? no fluff, no exaggerated music or hype, just to the point and like as if you're there being my casual financial adviser.


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